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A new webshop

After a lot of thinking and another round of research can I finally say that I have my own webshop. It took a few days and it’s still not completely ready, however it is live. Starting a new business is hard and time consuming. There are a lot of things you need to think about … More A new webshop

Release day | June 2020 | Reading

June is almost over and with it being the last Sunday of the month, it’s time for another release day. Last month was my first ever release day with a Disney theme and this time I chose for yet another theme that fits with me very well. This months theme is reading. If you did … More Release day | June 2020 | Reading

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A small candle company for book, film and lifestyle lovers

My name is Raïssa and I’m the owner of PolyMoondust. Making candles is a hobby of mine and in 2020 I made the decision to begin a shop where I can sell my candles. The candles I sell can be found on Etsy.
However PolyMoondust is not only a candle shop. I also have a Youtube-channel where I post videos about candle making and not to forget my blog. On my blog I post about my journey with PolyMoondust and I hope that I can help you out with candle making or inspire you.